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New Year. New Goals.

If you just celebrated New Years, then guess what... you have a New Year’s resolution. Even if you are one of those people who don’t believe in resolutions—you have one, after eating so much between November and December.

It’s not surprising that the top choices of resolutions are getting healthy and losing weight. However US News reports 80% of people end up failing and disappointed.

Well, my intention is not to discourage you, but to break down what is the best way to achieve your goals. There is a difference between having clear goals and a clear plan to reach it and making a vague resolution. Wanting is simply wishing you can have or do a particular thing. Intending means you’re committed to achieving something by making a plan for success—and sticking to it!

The Fuel for Desired Results

The key to intention is action – try this to build your intention muscles:

  • Get clear on what you want. Create a vision board by gathering images and words that pertain to your goal, and gluing them onto a large piece of construction paper. Hang the collage in a spot where you’ll see it often. (Or, you can use an online service like Pinterest to create a digital vision board.)

  • Do something to make your desire happen. Let’s say you want to eat four servings of vegetables a day. Your first action may be to go to a farmers’ market and purchase a few veggies you can cook for dinner.

  • Celebrate your achievement! Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for meeting your goal.

This would be a good starting point. Ideally, to achieve a long-term goal, it requires 6 months of focus, support, and actions that are outside of your comfort zone. What is your goal for 2018?


Do you intend to lose weight, eat healthy, and feel fantastic? Make a plan to succeed by getting the support you need! As a Health Coach, I specialize in helping people make their own healthy changes. Ready to get started?

Schedule an initial complimentary consultation with me today—or pass this offer on to someone you care about!

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