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Summer Detox for Beauty and Health

The summer is a perfect time to get rid of the toxins in your body and rejuvenate after those long winter months. It is important to detox twice a year. Let me tell you why… your body, and your digestive system were made to eat whole foods. If you live in 21st century your diet is consists of bagels, cold cuts, chips, soda, candy, plus all the other processed foods. You need to cleanse your body from these toxins. Benefits of a detox (AKA cleanse) include improved metabolism, better sleep, MORE ENERGY, GLOWING SKIN, less bloating, emotional calmness, and clear thinking. It will help you shed some pounds and will leave you with the general feeling of renewal and rejuvenation. You’ll be filled with motivation while feeling lighter.

Many cultures have historically fasted or cleansed, and all in radically different fashions. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a summer cleanse, but it is something everyone can benefit from. You need to choose one that is the best fit for you and your health. Your body may tell you what kind of cleanse it needs and for how long!

Some ways to enhance your summer cleanse is by taking probiotics, antioxidants, massage therapy, saunas, aromatherapy baths, and exercise (sweat it out!). Foods that you should focus on with a Spring cleanse include lemons, spinach, radishes, pineapples, artichokes, nettles, green tea, green peas, coriander, celery, sesame seeds, turmeric, cabbage, dandelion roots, citrus fruits, berries, asparagus, and garlic. It is best if they are all in their organic raw natural form.

During your cleanse, be sure to:

- Hydrate: As you become more active you will need to drink more water

- Practice clean eating

- Cut out caffeine, sugar, or alcohol.

- Exercise

- Meditate

To make sure you are taking health precautions, you will need support from a health professional or health coach like myself. I can walk you through a whole foods based detox program. Not only is it important to plan your detox, but planning your post-cleanse is just as important. You want to be sure to continue a healthier lifestyle by eating clean, hydrating, and limiting sugar, caffeine and alcohol intake.

Here is a Cleanse Juice to start with:

1-2 serving

1 cucumber

6 celery stalks

1 handful kale

Handful parsley

1 bunch watercress

Juice from 1 lemon

If you haven’t detoxed your body in spring then hurry and jump in now!

Click here to learn more about my whole foods based Summer Detox and 21 Day Challenge


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