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Why I Drink Fresh Peppermint Tea Every Morning

I hope you are enjoying last few days of summer. As a change from the traditional beach vacation, this summer I went to Los Angeles for my second cousin’s wedding. I stayed with my aunt whom I love and adore. I was excited at the thought of spending much needed time with her, yet she made it unforgettable for me. We started each day with fresh peppermint tea which she brewed from peppermint that she harvested from her own garden. I noticed changes in my body right away. Despite knowing the benefits of peppermint tea, it wasn’t part of my diet at that time. However, after experiencing the positive changes, I was convinced that peppermint tea was going to be my morning tea; I was going to adopt my aunt’s tradition.

Peppermint is refreshing, relaxing and beautifying. It’s an ancient remedy that has been used for thousands of years to treat digestive problems. Here are the top five benefits I want to share with you that I’ve experienced myself while including it in my diet.

Promotes digestion

Peppermint stimulates digestion by enhancing the activity of digestive enzymes such as amylase (breaks down the starch) and lipase (breaks down the fat) when it comes into contact with them. It relieves gas, bloating, and nausea. It is soothing and has an antispasmodic effect. Studies showed a 50% improvement in IBS patients who used peppermint tea.

Weight loss

Helps with weight loss by stimulating nutrient absorption and converting fat into energy. Did I say it converts fat into energy??? I think it’s happening as we speak because I dank my peppermint tea this morning! Peppermint is also an appetite suppressant.

Cold and congestion Remedy

It’s antispasmodic effect relaxes the muscles and helps to calm cough. Relieves and soothes any irritation caused by coughing.

Improves oral health

As you may be aware, mint is commonly used in toothpaste and other oral care products. It freshens the breath, and kills the germs in the mouth. It also has teeth whitening qualities.

Aids memory and concentration

Studies have shown that breathing peppermint scent improves memory and concentration.

Peppermint also helps with number of other conditions such as cancer, headaches, and it clears the skin. It is not recommended for pregnant women and those who suffer from reflux. Lastly, always consult with your health care provider.

How To Make Your Own Fresh Peppermint Tea

1bunch fresh peppermint leaves or

1 teaspoon dried peppermint leaves

1 cup boiled water

Honey to taste for sweetness

For extra bonus add 2 slices of lemon and about 1/2 inch fresh ginger

Add your preferred choice of peppermint leaves

into tea pot, add boiled water, cover and let it sit for 10 minutes. Strain after 10 minutes and enjoy!

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